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Out of Africa & Inside Ibiza with designer Jaydee Tucker.

If you are into prints on fabric then you probably know the fabulous ones of VLISCO. Their campaigns are absolutely amazing. These African tribal eclectic print fabrics are every year an inspiration for many fashion brands and top designers like Viktor & Rolf.




In my very young days, in the 80’s, the art form Rap or Hip Hop became extremely popular in the projects of New York. I noticed that a lot of rappers styled themselves with these printed garments as a statement and therefor recognizing their motherland Africa. Till this day African American artists like Beyonce, Solange and Rihanna are also styled  in their video’s, in fashion magazines and in their private time with lots of tribal  and African prints. The whole world now recognize this cool trend, and every summer season it becomes bigger and more fashionable.










I am sure that the Dutch/ African American designer Jaydee Tucker was very much influenced at an early age with this heritage. I have know this girl for a while when she was living in Amsterdam. With her love for colors, prints and VLISCO,  she decided to design a collection and started to sell at the OPEN SHOP. In 2008 she won the first price of  a new fashion and art platform in Amsterdam called MAFB Fashion Fest who stimulates new talent. The label – Jaydee Tucker – participated also with exhibitions at Streetlab and BLEND Magazine Expo. She even “pimped” a sneaker  for Leyp who collaborated with ADIDAS, Van’s, K-SWISS and Designer Toys.





In the year 2013 she needed a change of surrounding and a new challenge. After visiting IBIZA twice, she decided to start a new life on La Isla Bonita. There she became creative again in the quiet winters as soon as the party crowd leaves. One thing she noticed was that besides the very trendy Boho Hippie style, the only people  who wear these tribal prints are the African men on the beach who try to sell you  sunglasses, cdees (still), African jewelry and tunics all day long. In the heat of the Ibiza sun you see them, and some African ladies, strolling down the beach and totally covered in colorful African fabrics. For years I already thought they were wearing amazing fabrics. But somehow the Island didn’t embrace this influence as fashion.





Red Carpet

But ever since celebrities are wearing these stylish printed fabrics, the new generation loves to wear them as well. Hollywood and International artists even wear them on red carpets in the most beautiful looks.


 Mila Jovovich

Los Angeles Premiere of Biutiful - Arrivals



JT Collection

For the spring/summer 2015, the label Jaydee Tucker designed a swim wear/ bikini line. Also tunics, kaftans, jumpsuits and skirts are in her new collection.





Kaftan/ Tunic    









Where to buy in IBIZA!

Kurru Kurru Boutique in Ibiza
Isla Ibiza Bonita in Ibiza

 info collection: | +34677096953

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