My Brooklyn is truly magical in all essences of the word , it brings c..." /> Meet my #Brooklynconnection Missoni Lanzardi Alessandra - Sunny Jansen

Brooklyn Connection

Published on September 3rd, 2014 | by sunny

Meet my #Brooklynconnection Missoni Lanzardi Alessandra

My Brooklyn is truly magical in all essences of the word , it brings culture, fashion, art, nature, youth , food and a thriving community of young  entrepreneurs, artist, fashion makers, writers, restaurateurs, and some magical fairy also. Brooklyn is the Mecca for anyone looking to make a name for themselves on many levels, not only in the arts, Brooklyn is becoming the fastest community to grow within the 5 boroughs of the city , restaurants and culture events  have begun to take center stage in Brooklyn. I love this borough for it gives me the greatest feeling of being within the city while not allowing the city to take over my life.



I am a true Brooklynite which means, I look for all things that make this borough special and although Brooklyn has style,and charm the people who make up the borough of Brooklyn are more than stylish. They are smart, inventive, passionate, creative, they are risk takers. But most of all Brooklyn is about community.




I find it wonderful to live here and watch the trendsetters while still being so true to what makes Brooklyn so wonderful – Missoni 



Missoni will share her life in Brooklyn with us and I am looking very much forward what we are going to see  here from my best friend in New York.





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