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Introducing Frida by Alexandra Frida!

On April 20th the Dutch magazine LINDA launched their yearly edition of the L’HOMO. I was booked to bring some nice tunes and was thinking already a week before what to wear. All of the sudden on FB the Dutch designer Alexandra Frida was on someone’s timeline. I saw this very nice  colorful and fresh collection so I started to follow the brand FRIDA by Alexandra Frida on FB. The weather forecast predicted it was going to be very sunny on the day of the magazine launch, so I thought let me ask the designer if I can maybe wear one her looks of the feather collection! She replied: “But of course!”




Introducing Alexandra Frida


1. I always think that the process of designing a collection is very interesting. What was the inspiration of your last collection:

Frida’s tale is Alexandra’s life. As I let my  imagination take its course, my everyday life melts with my endless daydreams. Once upon a time there was a photograph of microscopic moth wings that crossed my path. This image represents my unconditional love and forever curiosity of the creation of every form of nature and I want to reflect that feeling in my creations.

The tale of the feather is the foundation of FRIDA’s identity. I started to explore the possibilities of transforming this image into a textile. From cutting a thousand feathers, dying them one by one in different dye baths to the creation of a digital print, searching for the perfect intermission between each form, material and colour.

The feather print has became my biggest fascination and an iconic part of  my work. I created a separate line called FRIDA’s Origins after first introducing the print in her Frederika collection. Within this line I continue reinvent these feathers using different techniques and  constantly searching for a new resurrection of the previous phase.


2. What kind of woman do you have in mind that will wear your brand?

If every woman wants to wear my collection it would be fabulous. But I think the women in the the big cities dare to wear my looks. A Woman who is stylish and open to stand out from a crowd. She is capable to mix and match my items with her own wardrobe.



3. Who are your favorite international fashion designers?

Chanel has been my favourite since I was a little girl and Alexander Mcqueen is my all time favourite. I cant wait to see the Savage Beauty exposition in London. Other designers I am fan of are Prada, Givenchy, Olympia Le Tan, Valentino and Prada.

3. If you could chose an international fashion week besides Amsterdam. Where would you prefer to show your collection?

I would love to show in London or New York.




5. Besides the clothing collection, do you have plans to design assecoiries?

Yes we do. The coming S/S 2016 collection, we will include accessories such as handbags and jewellery.

6. What do you personally wear.

Personally I don’t have one specific style. It depends on the day and my mood. I love the classic black look but I can also be more than comfortable in jeans, top and a leather jacket. The best way to describe my style is classic, hippy rock.  My favourite pieces are from Chanel, Alexander Wang, Filippa K and Prada but I like to combine it with And Other Stories, American Apparel or Zara.

7. Since I am a DJ I always wonder if music is an influence on your collection, inspirations. If so , what music do you listen too?

I don’t have a specific taste in music and can listen to anything. From classical, to salsa, to pop, hip hop to indie eclectic.  At the atelier we always have music on and its not so much that it influences the design but the “fun” atmosphere on the work place which results in feeling good and so my design process feels good then. However music has become more and more important to my story and identity. I have been working with different bands such as My Baby, CUT_ and CHEATERS, last with who I am writing and producing a soundtrack for the label which we will premier this summer.

I see my brand as an entire world and beside the visible items, sound, smell and even taste, which are part of it.

8.  With what kinda product/brand would you like to have a collaboration with?

At the moment I am doing a collaboration with two brands. Robey Sportswear with who I am designing customized Robey Casuals with. The other is 3D Nail Jewelry with NEO NAIL TECH. An amazing and inspiring project. I can’t wait for more collaborations since they really bring two worlds together. It’s a challenge ever time to combine both identities and create an amazing product. It doesn’t have to be necessary, however I do want to feel connected to the brand and myself.

9. Your favorite vacation destination.

I love to travel and experience new places. No favourite, but I loved the Gili Islands which I visited last winter, London I travel to every other month and places which are on my list are Brazil, New York, Tokyo  and South Africa.

10. Your favorite restaurant in Amsterdam

I have many places I love to visit. I love the menu at Izakya, Café George, Pekelharing for their amazing cheesecake, Orbit, Julias Bar and at the moment one of my favourites is CT Coffee and coconuts.


I enjoyed wearing one of her looks. I received lots of compliments. Thank You Alexandra Frida, looking forward to see more girls and women wearing your looks and very excited for the next collection!


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