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Indonesian Film Week 2015 in Amsterdam


Amsterdam Indonesian Film Week introduces Indonesian films to the Dutch public and encourages the cultural exchange between Indonesia and The Netherlands through film. This event is initiated by the Ministry of Education & Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, the Indonesian Film Council and is organized in collaboration with CinemAsia Film Festival and Dyandra Convex.

The Amsterdam Indonesian Film Week will take place from 25-29 November at LAB 111. The event showcases five remarkable films from Indonesian cinema, ranging from successful blockbusters to award-winning arthouse productions. Special guests from Indonesia will be present for Q&A after the film. For the complete program, go to or

I was invited to come to the opening night of the Indonesian Film Week by CinemAsia. Since I really enjoyed their filmfestival last April. It was actually my first time to visit LAB 111, a home for movie makers and lovers. It was a rainy evening I took the taxi because I just came from another press preview event.



When I arrived I received my tickets from the friendly girl of the media/ guests reception hosted by CinemAsia. We were welcomed then in the restaurant/ lounge of LAB 111 for drinks and Indonesian snacks. I ran into the General Manager of CinemAsia Bianca Kuijper, noticed the Dutch writer / artist Marion Bloem, artistic director Arnaud Kokosky Deforchaux of Tong Tong Fair, Ricci Scheldwacht journalist of MOESSON and also a representative of restaurant Kantjil in Amsterdam. Even though I know the organization wants to invite an as wide as possible mixed crowd, I did miss a lot of representatives of the Dutch Indies community who have a special personal connection of course with Indonesia. I find it very important for this group, especially 3rd and 4th generation, the filmfestival is known because I know for sure there are lots of these youngsters who are interested in movies from their beloved country of their grandparents/ parents. Maybe a tip for the organization to address the many social media INDO groups and make the festival aware on these forums.



Always finding a selfie mirror moment anywhere I am. I am wearing a black COS wintercoat, Zara black long jeans shirt and my Gucci bamboo bag!




Filosofi Kopi

The first movie that was shown was Filosofi Kopi which I enjoyed very much. For me it is so refreshing to see modern day movies with a nice story from Indonesia since we don’t get to see that here. Most movies are history related in this country.

The movie is a tale about soul-searching and making peace with the past through coffee. Ben and Jody are two friends and owners of ‘Filosofi Kopi’, a sophisticated coffee shop known for only serving the best coffee in the country. When a businessman challenges them to make “the perfect cup”, Ben and Jody embark on an adventure that forces them to visit their troubled pasts and reexamine their relationships with their parents. It is a film that not only tells a captivating story, but one that will make us look at coffee with a whole new, passionate perspective.

The movie is unfortunately sold out on the next date. If you get a chance to find this movie somewhere you should definitely watch it. I am a coffee fan and I have seen in Indonesia also the rising of beautiful coffee bars especially in Jakarta.


Soekarno is a 2013 Indonesian biographical film directed by Hanung Bramantyo, and written by Ben Sihombing. This film tells the story of the life of the late Soekarno, the first President of Indonesia. Soekarno, who was born with the name “Kusno”, was one of the many historical figures who played a part in the fight for Indonesia’s independence. This film follows the life of Soekarno from the day he was born until his decalaration of the Republic of Indonesia’s independence.


This movie is on both viewing dates during the filmfestival sold out. I think because there are so many people interested in this part of the Dutch and  Indonesian history. My heritage and ancestors are from Indonesia and were part of the biggest Asian disapora. Especially the Indos ( people  of European Indonesian heritage) was made clear their place would not be anymore in Indonesia. My family was considered Indo and had to leave their beloved life and country. They had to start a new life in the unknown “cold” Netherlands. I do understand that 1st and 2nd generation have very emotional feelings towards the Soekarno story. But 2nd and 3rd generation are more willing, open minded and interested to see this movie. It is part of our history as well. I am very curious how I would feel after seeing this movie, already now there are so many emotions and stories told by my grandmother and mother in my mind of their life in Indonesia.

Other movies shown on the AIFW2015 are:

In the absence of the sun. ( very interested in this one)


Comic 8

General information

All films are Indonesian spoken with English subtitles AddressLAB111:ArieBiemondstraat111,1054PD Amsterdam
Tickets: regular €5,- | discount (student/ CJP/65/stadspas) €3,50 | Food & Film €12,00 | Cineville Free Please note: ONLY payments with PIN pas (Dutch debit cards)




Lab 111 Restaurant  Amsterdam k


I am very excited and thankful the Indonesian Film Week has landed in Amsterdam. Hopefully we will see every year more stories from the Motherland. For those who are going in the coming days, have a great time and spread the word!





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