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Hip Hop Classes for beginners hosted by Sunny Jansen!

I never feel comfortable in a gym working out or going to a yoga class. Somehow I am not enough experienced as a “normal” beginner. For that reason and the fact that I want to be more busy with my body condition,  I got inspired to organise my own class for beginners. I believe there are more people who think like me. Dancer/ choreographer Jens van Noten from Belgium understands my thoughts and decided to join me. I love to have a nice warming up, a nice cooling down and in between a not so difficult choreography 🙂






There will be 2 dance classes. One class is one hour and fifteen minutes located in the centre of Amsterdam  Of course I would like to organise more classes but that depends on how many friends and people want to join this event!

For Who?

First and foremost,  you got to have RHYTHM because we cannot teach you that :). The classes are for those who want to be busy with their body and would like to learn a little choreography on HipHop/ RnB tunes. Well experienced people are welcome but the tempo might be too slow for them. We will film after the second dance class the result for you to have!  I hope I inspire and motivate you to join me.


Date         :  Tuesday March 3 & 10

Time        :  18h45 – 20h00 ( please be at the studio from 18h30)

Location : Wladimir Studios, Lijnbaansgracht 166

Amount  : € 25 for 2 classes.

€ 15 for 1 class.

Email      : ( sent me an email when payment is done)


One can only participate if you pay in advance on bankaccount : 

Miss Sunny Productions NL34 INGB 0005 7382 19



The choreographer Jens and me made a video of my result after 2 classes. Keep in mind that I never had training in any way before! I might look a bit stiff lol! Hope you like it and convince you to to dance with me!





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