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Asian Film Festival Amsterdam – CINEMASIA 9th edition


Always excited when I receive the invitation for the official opening night of the leading Asian Filmfestival in Europe CinemAsia in Amsterdam.This is already their 9th edition.

CinemAsia Film Festival takes place from March 1st  until 6th in Kriterion and Rialto. CinemAsia is a film festival that strives to broaden the horizons of the Dutch audience and film industry by offering an extensive and relevant overview of contemporary Asian cinema, through the latest and most popular blockbusters and films with a strong artistic vision.

Perfect for the opening night was this tight, tight oh my God so tight fitting and keeping everything in place by H&M.



This year my +1 is my dear friend and fashion stylist Im Fong Liu. I know her from when I was working at a PR Agency and run into her work frequently for example in the latest LINK magazine, Madpac, Mirror/ Mirror, Grazia, HUF magazine and so much more. Check her website for her latest editorials!


We were welcomed by the festival director Lora Tee who thanked all sponsors of the film festival and also introduced us to actress and writer Sylvia Chang from Taiwan.



Find me in the crowd!


OFFICE – China

The first movie was a very surprising one. The set styling and styling of all the actors was really amazing. It was a movie about dreams of 2 young feisty new employees in a company. And like in any company, there is a lot going on. They even will sing in the movie. I leave the rest up to you to what you really think about it.  March 5 you can see the movie also in Rialto.

Office main poster


Movies I like to See – Indonesia

A COPY OF MY MIND eloquently shows the turbulent and corrupt tensions between Indonesian society and its politicians, through the eyes of two seemingly normal, everyday people. Director Joko Anwar perfectly encapsulates the atmospheric essence of Jakarta and craftily intertwines themes of fear, love and hope, in a drama saturated by the two leads’ undeniable chemistry.


The Royal Tailor – South Korea

Packaged as an impressively lavish drama, THE ROYAL TAILOR is an absolute feast for the eyes. Combining breathtakingly beautiful and traditional Korean attires with an historically accurate setting and an almost royal sense of scrupulous detail, director Lee Wonsuk easily manages to engage and captivate the viewer throughout the film’s generous runtime.

“Had Yves Saint Laurent met Jean Paul Gaultier during the Joseon dynasty, the ensuing costume drama might have looked something like “The Royal Tailor.” (VARIETY)


Front Cover – Asia America

FRONT COVER is a bittersweet film that chronicles the experiences of the gay Asian-American man in a humorous and ironic fashion. The palpably charged, dynamic relationship between the two charismatic leads is the film’s driving force, firmly carrying this romantic film about two men who, despite their differences, fall in love in New York.


A Simple Life – Hong Kong

Based on a true story, A SIMPLE LIFE paints a wonderful portrait of two completely different human beings and how they are affected by the aging process. Never overly melodramatic but always poignantly heartfelt, the film offers up a uniquely compassionate and suitingly simple look at unconditional love; one that will leave the viewer with hope for the future.


Mencari Hilal – Indonesia 

“Through this film I want to show the audience around the world, what is happening in the world of Islam in Indonesia. So that we can see together the true faces of Islam is not terror, but the beauty of understanding, love and acceptance.” (Director, Ismail Basbeth, The Crescent Moon)


Trailer – The Crescent Moon


Cinemasia FilmLab

Besides culture and entertainment the festival also tries to provide a creative platform for Asian filmmakers with CinemAsia FilmLAB. Up and coming directorial talents get a chance to create short Asian diaspora films this time under professional guidance of Dutch filmmaker Jimmy Tai. The resulting films will officially premier during this 9th edition of CinemAsia Film Festival.


Gamelan – Dutch Indo



For more information about all movies from 1- 6th of March check Hope you will enjoy these coming days with also on Saturday and Sunday, food and entertainment (karaoke :)) Thank you Cinemasia Film Festival for this great and special event. X Sunny


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